Thursday, July 14, 2011

Agriculture & Farming

This article by Stephanie Westbrook, "A Concerted Effort From Europe Against
Israeli Produce Exporter Agrexco" focuses on the boycotting of Agrexco in Europe.

Agrexco is "Israel's largest fresh produce exporter and European markets account for the vast majority of their sales under the brand Carmel. The Israeli government's 50% stake in the company as well as their marketing of 60-70% of the fruit and vegetables grown in illegal Israeli settlements in the West Bank". The company is growing products by breaking social justice laws on more than one account. They use child-labor, and are steeling land & water.

This powerful article brings to the forefront the type of boycotting that is taking place within various European countries such as France.

Read this article in full, and learn what Europe is doing in order to stop the sales of Agrexco products at:

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