Thursday, July 14, 2011

First nations & social justice!

On June 9th, 2011 the following article was posted on Connexions Resource Center under First Nations/Native Peoples category: "First Nations under surveillance - Harper Government prepares for First Nations 'unrest'. This article was written by Russell Diabo, and Shiri Pasternak.

The article states that in 2006 Stephen Harper Prime Minister of Canada ensured that "the Department of Indian and Northern affairs Canada (INAC) was given the lead role to spy on First Nations. The goal was to identify the First Nation leaders, participants and outside supporters of First Nation occupations and protests, and to closely monitor their actions". The “Hot Spot Reporting System”was developed as a result. This article goes on to define what host spots are, "these weekly reports highlight all those communities across the country who engage in direct action to protect their lands and communities" and what groups they were. These hot spots are considered so dangerous because they tend to be led by aboriginal extremists, and radicals.

As a result there needs to be unity on the ground with coordinated political actions between First Nations Peoples in order to protect, defend and advance First Nation pre-existing sovereignty, and First Nation Aboriginal and Treaty rights to lands and resources. Divide and conquer tactics can only be met with new strategies of alliance-building, and by bringing the leadership back down to the land.

Read the full article, and more descriptions of why this is a threat to the status quo of both the Canadian government, and the native communities click here:

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