Thursday, July 14, 2011

Focus on food!

Randel Hanso's article, "Local harvest for urban landscape" published in the Counter Punch online focuses on laying the foundations for a local food system.

"How do you create a locally harvested food system for a city of 100,000?" This article begins by looking back at 19th century America when the progression and quickly increasing country dwellers were migrating to the city, which put into question how the growth and distribution of food would keep up. The articles discusses the issues with a fast population growth, and so looks at Duluth around Lake Superior in the early 20th Century. The main concerns were the quality of food and the cost; and so it was time when it was low quality and very expensive. Duluth turned to Mr. A. B. Hostetter, a lifelong farmer and long term teacher of farmers in the agricultural institutes of Illinois.

The goal was to boost the agricultural infrastructure, and A.B. Hostetter with the help of others - such as the University of Minnesota purchasing some 240 acres and founded the Northeast Demonstration Farm and Experimental Station - took the steps in order to do so.

Read what the outcome was for the surrounding areas of Lake Superior at:

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