Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Focus: Women Issues "The Murdered Women of Juarez"

Laura Carlsen's article, "The murdered women of Juarez" is about femicide and it's relevance in Ciudad Juarez. In particular it opens with one woman, Marisela Escobedo's loss of her daughter Rubi who was murdered by her boyfriend at the time.

Femicide is:

"The murder[ing] of young women, often raped and tortured, brought international infamy to the city long before it became the epicenter of the Calderon drug war and took on the added title of murder capital of the world".

Escobedo's story ends tragically, and she is killed because of her investigations into the cause and truth of Rubi's death; and her quest to persecute the man who inhumanely killed Rub. Before Escobedo's death she had gotten the boyfriend arrested and soon after brought to trial for his illegal actions. The boyfriend was ultimately let free due to a "lack of evidence" even though he had admitted to the death, and showed the police where Rubi's body - in pieces - had been ditched. Escobedo had recieved many death threats on account of her detemination to have a fair trial conducted for her daughter. She had even said herself that if they were to kill her to do so in front of goverment buildings so that they would feel shame at taking her life injustly.

The point of the story is:

"A family's story had come full circle. By all accounts, Rubi's death came at the hands of an abusive boyfriend. Marisela's death, however, was caused by an abusive system that sought to protect itself from her determination to expose its injustice".

These deaths came at the cost of a lack of eqaulity, women's rights, and the political sphere taking women's rights seriously. Unfortunately, as my co-intern stated if Escoedo hadn't been shot this story might not have recieved the coverage that it has. Even though it is an article that was published in January of this year this is a huge tragedy, and the lack of social justice is an issue at hand.

Mexico, Ciudad Juarez "
legal institutions have lost control to the armed force of drug cartels".
This article claims that about 17 years ago this location in Mexico had numerous accounts of women being disappearing, tortured, and murdered. There is little to no stopping the gener violence that takes place. Once these issues came to the forefront the United Nations and the United States of America tried to intervene by, "provid[ing] over 200 recommendations on protecting women's rights, with fifty for Ciudad Juarez alone.

Due to the lack of stable political institutions if any outside source gets involved in stopping the drug wars, and trafficking that is the sustinance of this area's lifestyle. The "drug related violence" that ensues is unstoppable by the authorities there since the protocol is also corrupt. There is no process of "investigation, arrest, prosecution, or punishment".

The scariest truth of this article in my opinion is that,

Not only does Juarez shelter murderers, torturers, and rapists of women, it attracts them".

The slogan for the activist movements against the non-existance women's rights in Ciudad Juarez is based on the words of a feminist, woman poet named Susana Chavez who was found murdered with her hand cut off. Her phrase "Not One More Death!" stands strong with the movement.

If this article is of interest to you as it was to me, and to the movement of connexions which is geared to social justice in all forms then please feel free to educate yourself more by reading the full article.

The last section of the article contains the "civil society's response" to the deaths of
Marisela Escobedo and her daughter, Rubi.

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