Monday, July 18, 2011

Imperialism & Colonialism... "A Cautionary tale"

William Blum's article is a recent post on our website, and is categorized as Imperialism and Colonialism. It's subject: Portugal's past as example for Egypt.

Blum gives us a description of his 1975 visit to Portugal during a time of political changes, and public revolutions, "the visual symbol of the Portuguese "revolution" had become the picture of a child sticking a rose into the muzzle of a rifle held by a friendly soldier, and I got caught up in demonstrations and parades featuring people, including myself, standing on tanks and throwing roses, with the crowds cheering the soldiers". The public "political consciousness" was growing. Blum delves into the political environment at that time, and speaks out against the U.S.A.'s relation to both events. He takes a more radical position in stating the mistakes of America in both situations, and states the root of the problem is, "[...] as always, [the U.S.A.] is petrified of anything genuinely progressive or socialist, or even too democratic, for that carries the danger of allowing god-knows what kind of non-America-believer taking office".

With headings such as: "We are so good even our enemies believe our lies," and "Atheist: "Blasphemy is a victimless crime" Blum analyses the US foreign policy and its flaws. He goes on to say that, "war can be seen as America's religion" and verifies these statements with factual information in relation to America's current wars.

This article is truthful, honest, and a good read for anyone who isn't aware of America's past with Portugal and their future endeavors around the world.

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