Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Social Justice in 1970 - 1980's Photographs by Milton Rogovin

"America's best political newspaper" out of bounds magazine did a write up on Milton Rogovin the Portraitist to the People. A man who came of age during the depression, and born in Brooklyn. The 101 year old man passed away this past January, 2011.

The article states that Milton told the New York times, “I like to photograph people with problems,” and he was aware of the "human desire to be recognized". Featured in this article are photos that Milton took, which show that he captured only what he wanted to in them. He was a portraitist of mainly the 1970's and 1980's.

Milton was a man who came of age during the depression, and was born in Brooklyn. This article analyzes what influenced Milton during his lifetime, and how that was projected onto his photographs. Milton's life is unfolded, and we are futher exposed to his biography. Eventually after his career in optimology callapsed he sought out "connections for artistic and political ends". Lastly, this article gives us an analysis of his photographs, and his main focuses such as the miner's series.

Overall this article is a display of Milton himself, his family, and life work. He was both artistic and politically involved through his photos. To read this article visit the Connexions.org website under the Connexions Resource Centre: Focus on Arts, Media, and Culture.

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