Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Focus: Women Issues "We Have Bigger Abbortive Problems Than Abortion"

Dissident Voice: A radical newsletter in the struggle for peace and social justice is another source where gets its News Feed articles from. "We Have Bigger Abortive Problems Than Abortion" written by E. R. Bills in May 2011 portrays a pro-choice perspective.

Bills claims that she has always been pro-choice, and so this was her perspective from a young age. One of the most beautiful and rewarding aspects of a woman's life is the ability to give birth, but it is not the only purpose of a woman. Contraceptives, such as birth control have given women a type of freedom that did not exist prior. Bills continues to defend pro-choice by boldly stating that abortion isn't the, ""[...] important achievement that women are capable of".[...] most immoral or destructive abortive process that affects our daily lives".

Further in the article Bills compares reproductive abortion to intellectual abortion. This metaphor seems like a long shot and even the author admits this, but to read more click here. In the end the purpose of this comparison is to birth a new consciousness. One where the reader is able to "[...]be intellectually fruitful and multiply our critical thought processes".

Abortion is a sensitive subject. Most often it is due to religious reasons that it is frowned upon, and Bills mentions this. I too believe in pro-choice, but if someone is abusing the use of abortion and using it as a form of birth control, I don't think abortion is justifiable.

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