Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Summary: "Lightning storm strands Halifax airline passengers"

This photo is taken from the original article, posted on CBC News Canada.

This article is currently rotating on our news feed. It caught my eye because this morning while eating my cereal and watching the news I was thankful that I wasn't stuck on the airplane unable to land in France. To my surprise there was a Canadian incident similar to the international one.
"Halifax Stanfield International Airport declared a red alert Tuesday night" which resulted in a couple of problems. Firstly Airport workers were unable to unload the planes that had already landed, and were parked at a gate. Secondly, once planes had landed they remained on the tarmac unable to dock to a gate, and so people were left awaiting departure inside the plane. It is said that people began to get off at around 1am. Thirdly, there were not just delays for those on the planes, but for the people boarding their flights. People were waiting within the airport for hours, and everything became backed up due to mother nature.

This morning some flights were cancelled and others after having been delayed were ready to take flight. It is amazing how a thunderstorm, and lightning can make humanity stop. It isn't the most ideal situation, but maybe it's a sign for everyone to slow down.

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