Wednesday, August 3, 2011

World News: Australia

An 18-year-old woman was in the presence of a "collar bomb" for about 9 hrs. This article was released today by the Authorities, and bomb squad officers had closed down the streets surrounding the "wealthy" suburb of Mosman. The surrounding streets were closed to traffic.

Once the device was removed, it is said that it was still intact. The 18 year old girl was Madeleine Pulver "whose father, William, is the CEO of an international software company". The police report states that the Pulver family did not know why they were a target. The police did not share whether or not the Madeleine was used because of specific demands, or if there were demands made at all. Madeleine had previously interacted with the person who attached the bomb to her.

"Police said defusing the device demanded 'a high level of skill and must be meticulous'".

This report remains vague, but it is one of interest. The idea that someone you have previously interacted with could threaten your life in this way, and force you to be near a bomb is a situation most people wouldn't even think to be in.

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